New Drones Unlimited Team Member

Drones Unlimited is proud to announce our new team member to help with growth. Chris Anderson of Canders Productions has partnered with D|U to help with video production and recruiting of drone pilots across America. Chris will be producing a YouTube series of videos to help America understand what D|U is all about. This allows for future pilots to understand the lifestyle of a drone pilot while in the field. One of the biggest problems with recording yourself at a job site is not having a third hand. It is impossible to perform a job at the highest standard while recording yourself. Chris and Canders Production will produce content on the D|U YouTube channel by tagging along on real-life drone related jobs. This allows the world to see how some drone operators function. Drones Unlimited's goal is to license the D|U brand to other qualified drone pilots across America. With Canders Productions on board, our drone pilots now have a video producer to consult with.

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Chris Anderson

Founder, Canders Productions


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