18650 batteries included


Jumper T16 PRO with HALL Gimbals Open Source Multi-protocol BUILT IN l Radio Transmitter


Our vision and goal
To create the most affordable, high-performance open source remote control on the market today. The T16 truly is the ONE radio to rule them all. With angle adjustable ultra-smooth dual bearing precision gimbals, large 4.3” display, more than ample input controls, integrated 6 position buttons for professional flight control systems, JR module bay supporting TBS Crossfire modules and many more features the T16 is a remarkable offering at this price point.

Power to the people
Never wanting to stand still the team at Jumper looked for a way to put the maxim amount of radio in the users hands for the minimum amount of cost. With advancements in technology and materials cost there really is no reason for a high end radio to have a high end price tag and Jumper have not only proven this point but they have smashed expectations, the T16 changes everything!

Ergonomics and functionality
The T16 has undergone extensive testing for comfort and functionality, we have taken all the feedback from our previous products along with the feedback from the community in what they expected from a radio and rolled it all in to the T16.

Jumper T16 Pro Mode 2 | Hall Gimbals | Batt included


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